CNF Seminar - Airton Deppman

On Monday, May 20, at 11 a.m., Airton Deppman of the University of Sao Paulo Institute of Physics will present "Fractal Structures and Tsallis Statistics in High-Energy and Hadron Physics" in CEBAF Center rm. L102 and via Zoom.

Abstract: This talk provides an in-depth analysis of the emergence of Tsallis statistics through fractal structures in high-energy collisions in the context of high-energy physics and hadron physics. The self-similarity in the parton structure resulting from the scale properties of the Callan-Symanzik Equation is examined, demonstrating the recursive relations that allow for the emergence of Tsallis distributions. The implications of these results, including the relation between the Tsallis parameter q and the number of colors and flavors, are discussed in detail.

The talk discusses the potential extension of the same theoretical approach for the study of hadron structure, in view of the z-scaling connections with the Tsallis distributions and with thermofractal structure. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the intricate relationship between fractal structures, Tsallis statistics, and non-local correlations in high-energy collisions, highlighting their significance for the field of high-energy physics and hadron physics.

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