Just Desserts: Art of Innovation with Noah Scalin

Join us as we welcome Noah Scalin, former Artist in Residence at ODU's Strome College of Business, business consultant, and full time artist to the lab for a highly interactive Just Desserts workshop.

About the workshop:

Art of Innovation: Creativity at Work

This is not about getting out of a box or coming up with a Big Idea. It’s about being able to consistently draw out the potential in any situation.

The World Economic Forum named creativity one of the essential skills for success in all industries. It is key to thriving in a time defined by rapid innovation and constant change. But few take time to develop this essential capability. Why? Because creativity is considered too intangible to measure, too messy to fit into a strategic plan or simply something that is only for special, talented people. But anyone willing to make an incremental investment in creativity will see an exponential impact.

Artist/Author Noah Scalin pulls back the curtain on his own awe-inspiring artwork to explain the real ROI of creativity. Through a highly-engaging illustrated presentation he shares the story of how he transformed his work and life through a surprisingly simple practice. Noah will challenge common misperceptions about creativity and introduce The Big Seven strategies anyone can use to innovate and grow and inspire others to do the same!

Then it’s your turn to try it out! Noah will lead you through a hands-on art activity to put the Big Seven into action and discover the creativity that is available to you right now.

Everyone is invited to keep the momentum going with a one-week Creative Sprint® challenge.

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