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Tiers of Support

Every event has a set of needs to ensure success. Some take full-fledged off-site contracts with subcontractors and staff, while others are simply a handful of Jefferson Lab staff and users having a weekly team meeting. The tiers below have been developed by Event Services to assist you with what to expect when planning and hosting your meeting. Many events have unique needs, but the examples in each tier below are for typical meetings of each tier.

Minimal support is needed outside of meeting creator/host. Usually, these have only a handful of attendees. Very little notice is needed to accomplish a meeting quickly. These are most of all general lab meetings.

Include: Interdepartmental meetings, internal daily lab meetings as well as internal and collaborative meetings with minimal support, virtual or otherwise.

Tier 2 meetings are driven by the administrative assistant of a department. They involve other outside groups such as Event Services and IT. These are multi-layered levels of meeting support needed including tech support, Social Media exposure from Communications, Security, Janitorial and Event Services. These typically have a larger group of attendees than a Self-Services Level Meeting. They can involve room setups and general catering that may include evening networking opportunities. The budgets for these meetings can be in-depth and large. There may be a physical meetings space, a virtual meeting space, or both.

Include: Collaborations, seminars, lectures, colloquia, workshops, on-site conferences and small community events.


These are high-profile/high-stakes meetings that involve Leadership from DOE, JSA, or other governmental VIP's and most often involve JLab Leadership. Tier 3 meetings are driven by the Directorate Office. They involve any of the groups above. Typically, these have a greater Communications Department involvement through photography, Event Services planning, room set-ups, multiple caterings, evening events, video recording, escorts, media attendance, live troubleshooting support from IT and Event Services, etc. For larger off-site conferences, contracts with other entities and subcontractors is involved.

Include: Senatorial visits, Director Reviews, large off-site conferences, All-Hands meetings, other VIP visits, other governmental visits and large community events such as the Open House.