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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 10 Call for Proposals

The Program Advisory Committee will consider new proposals, updates, letters-of-intent and updates for scientific ratings of Hall B experiments. PAC10 will meet during the week of January 29- February 2, 1996. The CEBAF Technical Advisory Committee will make comments on the technical viability of the proposals and provide these comments to the spokespersons and the PAC prior to the meeting. As always, proposals will be judged on the quality of the physics, technical feasibility, and the ability of the group to carry out the proposed measurements.

Guidelines for New Proposals, Updates and Letters-of-Intent.

Users in Halls A and B should carefully consider the following comment PAC9 made in its summary report before putting resources into new proposals or updates:

"While the committee was impressed with progress on all fronts, it wishes to recommend most firmly that personnel associated with equipment yet to be completed work diligently to get to the point where experiments can be performed as quickly as possible. In this context there is particular concern regarding the great number of person-hours that must go into Hall B installation. It is difficult to concentrate on the timely completion of the detector while simultaneously developing the steady stream of well-organized proposals that the PAC has been receiving. The PAC is also aware that a similar situation is developing in Hall A. The PAC expresses a concern that the Hall A and Hall B collaborations should be extremely careful in committing further resources to new proposals until these Halls are in operation."

New proposals requiring any beam energy up to 6 GeV will be reviewed by the PAC. There will be a limited amount of beam time above 4 GeV recommended for approval by PAC10.


If your collaboration has an approved experiment, a conditionally approved experiment, or a deferred experiment, and you would like to modify the physics goals, significantly change your running conditions, receive reconsideration of your scientific rating, or achieve full approval for a conditionally approved or deferred experiment, please submit an update.

Note: The PAC may or may not choose to hear an oral presentation for the updates depending on the scope of the proposed changes.

Deferred Experiments:

Normally, deferred experiments must to be updated within one year or they become rejected. However, since the experiment focus is currently on commissioning Hall C and installing the equipment in Halls A and B, deferred experiments from PACs 8 or 9 do not need to be updated until PAC11 in early 1997. You may sumit the update to PAC10 or wait until PAC11 if you prefer.


Letters-of-intent are submitted to solicit the evaluation by the PAC of a new line of research before investing the large effort required to prepare a full proposal. In general, the Letter-of-Intent will involve either a major new experimental apparatus or extension of present beam properties. Letters-of-Intent will be made public after receiving PAC appraisal in the same manner as full proposals. This means that the research program contained in them would enter the public domain; therefore, the Letter-of-Intent mechanism cannot be viewed as a means of "staking out territory." Rather, it provides experimenters with feedback at an early stage on the PAC's views on the scientific and technical merit of an idea which the experimenters intend to develop into a full proposal. PAC9's comment on new proposals (quoted above) should also be taken as relevant for letters-of-intent for Halls A and B.

Guidelines for Updates of approved Hall B experiments so PAC10 may provide Scientific Ratings.

Updates or proposals were submitted to PAC 9 for all of the currently approved experiments for Hall B. Due to constraints coming from the Nuclear Sciences Advisory Committee's Long Range Planning activities, which took place the same week as the PAC9 meeting, the scientific ratings were not provided by PAC9 for the Hall B experiments. PAC10 will be providing these ratings. Hall B Users do not need to submit updates for any currently approved Hall B experiment unless they feel that there have been significant changes in nature of their approved experiment since their previous update.

Bernhard Mecking will be giving a general presentation to PAC10 on the status of Hall B in general. If you choose to submit a new update, the update/status information requested should be specific to your Hall B approved experiment. If your collaboration is working on particular aspects of Hall B, you should note these activities. If your collaboration has been working on improved simulations, comparisons to theory, improved performance of technical components, etc., for your experiment, or if the membership in your collaboration has changed, it would be well to note these activities as well.

Hall B updates should include up to two pages of information on the activities in support of their experiment. Those Hall B collaborations which feel that there have been changes in their physics from the original update should submit up to an additional four pages updating the physics.

PAC10 will use update information plus the information in the original proposals to provide scientific ratings for the Hall B experiments.

Due Date New Proposals, Updates and Letters-of-Intent

Proposals, Updates and Letters-of-Intent and Hall B Updates are due in the User Liaison Office, CEBAF Center A204, by close of business Tuesday, December 19, 1995. Faxes will not be accepted.

All proposals and updates to be considered by the PAC must also include a completed:

For more details, please contact