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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC12 Agenda

Monday, August 4 - Morning
8:00   Executive Session
8:45Welcome, Jefferson Lab Status and Charge to PAC - H. Grunder (JLab)
9:00Overview of Experimental Program - L. Cardman (JLab)
9:30PR-97-006CCorrelated spectral function and (e,e'p) reaction mechanism - I. Sick (Basel)
9:55PR-97-005BPhotoproduction of f Mesons with Linearly Polarized Photons - J. Mueller (Pittsburgh)
10:40PR-97-002CBaryon Resonance Electroproduction at High Momentum Transfer - P. Stoler (RPI)
11:05PR-97-010CMeasurement of Hydrogen and Deuterium Inclusive Resonance Cross Sections at Intermediate Q2 for Parton-Hadron Duality Studies - C. E. Keppel (Hampton)
11:30PR-94-020AInvestigation of the 3He Wave Function using the 3He(e,e'p)d and 3He(e,e'p)pn Reactions - W. Korsch (Kentucky)
11:55PR-94-023AMeasurement of small components of the 3He wave function using 3He(e,e'p) in Hall A - F. W. Hersman (UNH)
Monday, August 4 - Afternoon
1:00Executive Session
3:30PR-89-019AMeasurement of the Proton Polarization in the d(g,p)n Reaction - R. Gilman (Rutgers)
3:55PR-97-001BElectroproduction of the pp¼- System off the Deuteron Beyond the Quasifree Region - N. A. Pivnyuk (ITEP)
4:20PR-97-011AInitial Exploration of Semi-exclusive Scattering in x > 1 Region with 3,4He(e,e'p) Reactions - J. Zhao (MIT)
4:45Executive Session
Tuesday, August 5 - Morning
8:00PR-97-007CPolarization Transfer in Kaon Electroproduction - O. K. Baker (Hampton)
8:25 AHall A Septum Magnet System - G. M. Urciuoli (Sanita)
8:35PR-97-003AElectroproduction of Hypernuclei in 3He and 4He - T. Saito (Tohoku/LNS)
9:00PR-97-008CSpectroscopic study of L hypernuclei beyond the p-shell region throug the (e,e'K+) reaction - O. Hasimoto (Tohoku)
9:25PR-97-004AStudy of the Generation and Decay of Fissioning Hypernuclei - A. Glamazdin (Kharkiv)
10:20PR-94-012AMeasurement of Photoproton Polarization in the H(g,p)p° Reaction - R. Gillman (Rutgers)
10:45PR-97-009AMeasurement of Fg*gp° at Low Q2 via the Virtual Primakoff Effect - D. Dale (Kentucky)
11:10 Executive Session