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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 16 Workshop Agenda

JLab Nuclear Properties Program
July 17, 1999, Williamsburg, Va

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Nuclear Properties - Theoretical Issues V.R. Pandharipande
9:30 Discussion
10:00 Nuclear Properties - Experimental Issues I. Sick
10:30 Break
11:00 Discussion
11:30 The current program on Nuclear Properties
Hall A K. de Jager
Hall B B. Mecking
Hall C R. Carlini
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Discussion of the Nuclear Properties Program,
lead by PAC chair
3:00 Summary Remarks D. Geesaman
3:15 Coffee
3:30 Discussion of the Physics Case
for the 12-GeV upgrade
N. Isgur
4:00 Discussion, Summary and Closeout