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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

Special PAC18 Review of the Science Driving the 12 GeV Upgrade

(All talks will be in the CEBAF Center Auditorium; note half of the allocated times are reserved for discussion)

Friday, July 14

8:00Executive Session and Charge to Committee (L102/104)
9:00Welcome & Background (Auditorium)C. Leeman
9:15Science Driving the 12 GeV Upgrade (30 min)N. Isgur
10:45Detector for the 12 GeV Upgrade (30 min)L. Cardman
11:45A^n_1 for Valence Quarks (30 min)Z-E. Meziani
12:45Executive Session/Working Lunch
1:45d/u as x -> 1 (30 min)M. Petratos
3:15Deep Exclusive Scattering (45 min)M. Guidal
4:45Committee Executive Session (L102/104)
6:30-7:30Reception (Arc Auditorium)

Saturday, July 15

8:00Executive Session (L102/104)
8:30*aDuality (15 min)C. Keppel
9:00*a,cShort Range Correlations with DIS (15 min)W. Boeglin
9:30*a,cHigh Q2 few body form factors (15 min)M. Petratos
10:30*cF_{/pi} (15 min)G. Huber
11:00The Threshold /psi N Interaction (25 min)E. Chudakov
11:45Primakoff Production of \eta and \eta' (15 min)L. Gan
12:15Executive Session/Working Lunch
1:15*a,cColor Transparency (25 min)R. Ent
2:00Executive Session (L102/104)

Note: The closeout for the 12 GeV reviews will be included in the normal PAC closeout

4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

*    Partial PAC review of:

  1. the scientific motivation
  2. the technical feasibility
  3. the interpretability

of the proposed experiment or program.