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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 22 Agenda

All presentations (20 min, plus 10 min discussion) will be held in the Cebaf Center Auditorium.

Monday, July 8, 2002

0830-0900 Executive Session (L104)
0900-0930 Director's Comments C. Leemann
0930-1000 Physics Overview L. Cardman
1000-1030 P-02-101 - Exclusive Study of Deuteron Electro-Disintegration Near Threshold B. Norum
1030-1045 Break
1045-1115 P-02-109 - Measurement of R=L/T on Deuterium in the Nucleon Resonance Region E. Christy
1115-1145 P-02-108 - Measurement of AX and AZ Asymmetries in the Quasi-Elastic 3He(,e'd) Reaction Z. Zhou
1145-1215 P-02-106 - Probing the Limits of the Standard Model of Nuclear Phsyics with the 4He(,e')3H Reaction S. Strauch
1215-1400 Executive Session/Working Lunch (L104)
1400-1430 P-02-103 - A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime via the Primakoff Effect A. Gasparian
1430-1500 P-02-105 - Study of Color Transparency in Two-Body Break-up Processes A. Saha
1500-1515 Break
1515-1545 P-02-107 - Measurement of Charge Pion Production Ratios in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at 6GeV X. Jiang
1545-1615 P-02-104 - Quark Propagation Through Cold QCD Matter W. Brooks
1615-1800 Executive Session (L104)
1800 PAC Dinner

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

0830-0930 Executive Session (L104)
0930-1000 P-02-110 - Q2 Dependence of Nuclear Transparency for Incoherent 0 Electroproduction K. Hafidi
1000-1030 P-02-111 - g3 Experiment - Jeopardy Proposal B. Berman
1030-1045 Break
1045-1115 P-02-112 - Search for Missing Nucleon Resonances in the Photoproduction of Hyperons using a Polarized Photon Beam and a Polarized Target F. Klein
1115-1145 P-02-102 - CEBAF Energy Recovery Experiment A. Hutton
1145-1430 Executive Session/Working Lunch (L104)
1430-1450 Hall B Report (L104) B. Mecking
1450-1500 Discussion
1500-1520 Hall C Report (L104) R. Ent
1520-1530 Discussion
1530-1545 Break
1545-1800 Executive Session/LOI (L104)

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

0830-1130 Executive Session, Writing/Review
1130-1150 Hall A Report (L104) K. de Jager
1150-1200 Discussion
1200-1300 Executive Session/Working Lunch
1300-1500 Executive Session, Writing/Review
1500-1800 Executive Session, Edit Report

Thursday, July 11, 2002

0830-0930 Review Report and Grading
0930-1000 Executive Session (L104)
1000-1030 Close out
1030-1045 Break
1045-1300 Editing Report
1300 End of Meeting