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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 22 Reading Assignments

Proposal # Title Contact Hall Readers
PR 02 -101 Exclusive Study of Deuteron Electrodisintegration Near Threshold K. Wang A Garcon
PR 02 -102 CEBAF Energy Recovery Experiment A. Bogacz
A. Hutton
Accel. Kowalski
PR 02 -103 A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime via the Primakoff Effect A. Gasparian B Ahrens
PR 02 -104 Quark Propagation through Cold QCD Matter W. Brooks B Peng
PR 02 -105 Study of Color Transparency in Two-Body Break-Up Processes A. Saha A Miller
PR 02 -106 Probing the Limits of the Standard Model of Nuclear Physics with the 4He(e,e.,p)3HReaction S. Strauch A Donnelly
PR 02 -107 Measurement of Charge Pion Production Ratios in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at 6GeV X. Jiang A Bosted
PR 02 -108 Measurement of A_x and A_z Asymmetries in the Quasi-elastic vec[3He] (vec[e],e.d) Reaction Z. Zhou A Blok
PR 02 -109 Measurement of R=sigma_L/sigma_T on Deuterium in the Nucleon Resonance Region M. E. Christy C Nathan
PR 02 -110 Q2 Dependence of Nuclear Transparency for Incoherent p0Electroproduction K. Hafidi B Taiuti
PR 02 -111 G3 Experiment . Jepardy Proposal B. Berman B Barnes
PR 02 -112 Search for Missing Nucleon Resonances in the Photoproduction of Hyerons Using a Polarized Photon Beam and a Polarized Target F. Klein B Donnachie
LOI 02 -101  Pion Photoproduction from a Polarized Target S. Strauch B Donnelly
LOI 02 -102 Forward Electron Compton Scattering and Absolute Energy Calibration of the Tagged Photon Beam in Hall B L. Gan,
A. Gasparian
B Ahrens
LOI 02 -103 A Test of Factorization in N(e,e.p1) N with 6 GeV Beam D. Mack C Garcon
LOI 02 -104 Measurement of Polarization Observables in \eta-photoproduction with CLAS E. Pasyuk B Donnachie
LOI 02 -105 Measurements of Tagged Neutron Structure Functions Using CLAS S. Kuhn B Peng