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Program Advisory Committee Meeting - PAC41

PAC41 will be held during the week of May 19, 2014. This will be a special meeting to discuss the priority of already approved proposals for scheduling during the first 3-5 years of production running (beyond commissioning) in the 12 GeV era of CEBAF. The goal of this meeting is to provide input to the Lab scheduling process from the PAC in order to realize the highest impact program early in the 12 GeV running period.

We are not calling for new proposals to be considered at this meeting; new proposals will be considered at PAC42 to be held in July 2014.

Additional input has already been solicited and received for this PAC from the spokespersons of approved and conditionally approved experiments. This information, when combined with previously submitted proposals and updates, should be sufficient for the purpose of this PAC. Additional updates and presentations from the proponents will not be necessary.

Charge to PAC 41

The PAC will consider all such approved and conditionally approved Stage II proposals in each of the six physics categories, and discuss the relative priority of the proposals in each category. Stage II proposals are those expected to be ready, based on equipment and beam availability, for scheduling of production running (beyond commissioning) during the first 3-5 years in the 12 GeV era of CEBAF. The PAC should identify a subset of these proposals that it considers to be "High Impact" for scheduling priority during this time frame.

Please note that the present status (grades and approved running time) of all previously approved proposals will not be changed by this procedure. It is not anticipated that the PAC will need additional input from the proposal collaborations for this meeting. Hall Leaders and JLab management may be consulted by the PAC during their deliberations if necessary.

PAC Results

The results of the PAC's deliberations will become public as follows: the list of "High Impact" proposals will be provided to the Hall Leaders at the PAC closeout and then posted on the PAC41 website within 24 hours. The final written PAC report will contain a discussion of the decision process and rationale for selections, and will be posted on the PAC41 website and the user community notified by email as usual.

Appendix: Scientific Categories for Nuclear Physics Proposals

  1. The Hadron spectra as probes of QCD
    (GlueX and heavy baryon and meson spectroscopy)
  2. The transverse structure of the hadrons
    (Elastic and transition Form Factors)
  3. The longitudinal structure of the hadrons
    (Unpolarized and polarized parton distribution functions)
  4. The 3D structure of the hadrons
    • 4G: Generalized Parton Distributions
    • 4T: Transverse Momentum Distributions
  5. Hadrons and cold nuclear matter
    (Medium modification of the nucleons, quark hadronization, N-N correlations, hypernuclear spectroscopy, few-body experiments)
  6. Low-energy tests of the Standard Model and Fundamental Symmetries