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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 9 Letters of Intent (to be discussed)

LOI 94-101
Title: The Heavy Hypernuclei Lifetime Direct Measurement at CEBAF
Spokesperson: A.T. Margarian

LOI 94-102
Title: Studies of Backward Proton Production Mechanisms in the 2H(e,e'p)n Reaction at Moderate Momentum Transfers
Spokespersons: S. Danagoulian & A. Shebeko

LOI 94-103
Title: High-Resolutio Electroproduction of Light Hypernuclei
Spokesperson: T. Saito

LOI 94-104
Title: Electroproduction of K* Mesons
Spokespersons: D. Doughty & M. Kossov

LOI 94-105
Title: Threshold phi Photoproduction and the Origin of OZI Violations
Spokesperson: P. Welch

LOI 94-106
Title: Measurement of K0 Electroproduction
Spokesperson: R.A. Magahiz

LOI 94-107
Title: A Search for Very Light Gluinos
Spokespersons: C.E. Hyde-Wright & L. Weinstein

LOI 94-108 (Originally included as an Extension to E-94-015)
Title: Experimental Study of Chiral Anomaly With Polarized Photons
Spokespersons: R. A. Miskimen & K. Wang