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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC 9 Proposals to be Presented

* Days for Hall B represents days in addition to already approved days from previously approved experiments. Days for proposals recommended for C represent days recommended for approval after meeting specified conditions.

Days*: 0 - PR 94-101 - Hall A
Title: Precision Measurement of the Neutron Asymmetry An1 at large XBj using CEBAF at 6 GeV
Spokespersons: Z.-E. Meziani & P.A. Souder

Days*: 16 - PR 94-102 - Hall B
Title: Electron Scattering from a High-Momentum Nucleon in Deuterium
Spokespersons: K. A. Griffioen & S.E. Kuhn

Days*: 0 - PR 94-103 - Hall B
Title: The Photoproduction of Pions
Spokespersons: W.J. Briscoe, J. Ficenec & D. Jenkins

Days*: 18 - PR 94-104 - Hall A
Title: The Fundamental gamma + n --> pi- + p Process in 2H, 4He, and 12C in the 1.2 - 6.0 GeV Region
Spokespersons: H. Gao & R.J. Holt

Days*: 0 - PR 94-105 - Hall A
Title: A Detailed Study of Nuclear Structure Functions F2(xb) and R(xb) in the Valence Quark Region
Spokespersons: N. Bianchi, J. Gomez & A. Saha

Days*: 0 - PR 94-106 - Hall A
Title: Nucleon Structure Study by Virtual Compton Scattering at High Momentum Transfers
Spokespersons: V. Breton & C.E. Hyde-Wright

Days*: 24 - PR 94-107 - Hall A
Title: High Resolution 1p Shell Hypernuclear Spectroscopy
Spokespersons: S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, P. Markowitz & T. Saito

Days*: 0 - PR 94-108 - Hall A
Title: Electroproduction of Kaons up to Q2 = 3 (GeV/c)2
Spokespersons: O. K. Baker, C. C. Chang, P. Markowitz, S. Frullani & M. Iodice,

Days*: 20 - PR 94-109 - Hall B
Title: Photoproduction of the Rho Meson from the Proton with Linearly Polarized Photons
Spokespersons: P.L. Cole, J.P. Connelly & R.R. Whitney

Days*: 0 - PR 94-110 - Hall C
Title: Measurement of R = sigmaL/sigmaT in the Nucleon Resonance Region
Spokesperson: C. Keppel

Days*: 0 - PR 94-111 - Hall C
Title: Longitudinal and Transverse Cross Sections in the d(e,e'K+)YN Reactions at Q2 = 0.5 to 2 (GeV/c)2
Spokespersons: O.K.Baker, S. Beedoe & P.Markowitz

Days*: 0 - PR 94-112 - Hall A
Title: Polarization Transfer in the 3He(e,e'p)d and 3He(e,e'p)pn Reactions
Spokespersons: E. Brash, R.D. Ransome & P.M.Rutt

Days*: 0 - PR 94-113 - Hall C
Title: Search for Narrow Excited States of the Proton
Spokesperson: D. Garelick

Days*: 0 - PR 94-114 - Hall C
Title: Search for Direct Conversion of Electrons into Muons
Spokesperson: D. Garelick

Days*: 0 - PR 94-115 -Hall C
Title: Search for Free Quarks
Spokesperson: D. Garelick

Days*: 0 - PR 94-116 - Hall A
Title: Electroproduction of Charged Pions from 1H, 2H, 40Ca, and 208Pb
Spokesperson: R.G.Badalian & T. Eden

Days*: 15 - PR 94-117 - Hall B
Title: Helicity Structure of Pion Photoproduction on Polarized Deuteron and the GDH Sum Rule for the Neutron
Spokespersons: J.P. Chen, S. Gilad, Zh. Li & C.S. Whisnant

Days*: 0 - PR 94-118 - Hall B
Title: Search for JPC = 1-+ Exotic Mesons in the Electroproduction Reactions using CLAS Detector at CEBAF
Spokespersons: I. Aznauryan, H. Funsten & S. Stepanyan

Days*: 0 - PR 94-119 - Hall A
Title: Study of the Sll(1535) Resonance Region via High Precision eta Electroproduction Measurements
Spokespersons: A. Afanas'ev, W. Bertozzi, S. Gilad & A.J. Sarty

Days*: 0 - PR 94-120 - Hall A
Title: Hard Scattering Amplitude for ep --> ep in Medium and Heavy Mass Nuclei
Spokespersons: E.J. Brash, R. Gilman, S. Nanda & P.M. Rutt

Days*: 0 - PR 94-121 - Hall B
Title: Exotic Meson Spectroscopy with CLAS
Spokespersons: G. Adams & J. Napolitano