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Submission of FEL User Proposals
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    Submission of FEL User Proposals

    FEL experiments require safety & scientific approval before assignment of beam time. The process will be described in detail in the Jefferson Lab EH&S Manual Chapter 3130.

    Scientific approval is by the FEL Program Advisory Committee.

    Safety approval is by the FEL Technical Advisory Committee.

    • Submit the Experiments/Safety Approval Form (pdf , doc) to G. Neil (x7443).

    After these approvals you must submit a Laser Operation Plan (pdf , doc) to G. Neil (x7443) to tell the operator how you want the FEL run.

    User proposals have a lifetime of 2 years. They can be submitted at any time. The Program Advisory Committee met in November 2000, June 2001, January 2002, and March 2003. It will review new proposals prior to re-start of operations. We are currently recommissioning the upgrade FEL and as soon as we are ready to begin a new operational phase we will announce it on our main FEL web page as well as by e-mail to our existing user base. If you wish to be added to the notification list please e-mail

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