Jefferson Lab Badging Office

Obtaining a Badge

To obtain a TJNAF badge, JLab User Types that qualify for a badge must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete online registration in the EARS system (You can complete this here)
  • Complete required trainings (You can complete these here)


  • Have successfully completed New Employee Orientation requirements

Once the above requirements have been satisfied, please schedule a badging appointment at the link below:

Schedule a Badging Appointment

Once you schedule your badging appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from "Jefferson Lab Badging Office"  (Please note, booking with the JRIS office does not secure you a badging appointment).  Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID to your appointment.

When you come for your appointment, you will report to:

SSC, Building 28 Room 52

628 Hofstadter Rd.

Newport News, VA 23606

 You will buzz into the lobby, where you inform the Security Guard of your appointment.  Once allowed in, please approach the front desk to provide your government-issued photo ID and your appointment booking confirmation to the Guard.  You will then be escorted to the badging office to receive your TJNAF photo badge.

Forgotten or Lost Badge

A one-day temporary badge may be issued from the Accelerator Guard Shack (Building 51) to any valid TJNAF photo badge holder onsite who may have forgotten their badge.  The temporary badge must be returned to the Guard Shack, within 24 hours, and before an individual's original TJNAF pictured access badge can be returned to an active status.

If you have lost your badge, please report to  After the badge has been reported lost, will arrange an appointment to replace the lost badge.

Badging FAQs

My badge isn't working, do I need a new one?

Usually, a defective badge is due to the information linked to the badge, rather than the physical badge malfunctioning itself.  Most badging issues can be resolved remotely by inquiring to  Make sure to check that;

  • Your trainings are current. Different trainings are linked to different badge access.  You can check your minimum required trainings here
  • Your citizenship is uploaded.  Staff & Users can be check this by going to JList > Your Profile > Confidential.  Other users can inquire to

I need to return my badge, where do I go?

Badges can be returned to SSC (28) Room 52.  There is black box labeled "RETURN BADGES ONLY HERE."  Badges can be placed into that box, or directly given to staff in Room 52.

My physical badge or badge accessories are broken, where can I go for replacements?

Please send an email to to request a replacement badge.  Badges that are faded, cracked, or damage, regardless if properly functioning, should be replaced.  If you have broken badging accessories, please stop into SSC (28) Room 52 for replacements.  We have lanyards, badge protectors, badge reels, and information cards. 

Visitor and Conference Badging

Guests onsite for 5 days or less are considered "Visitors" and do not qualify to receive a badge.  Visitors will submit a registration, (typically) are exempt from completing training, and are exempt from receiving a badge.  A Visitor onsite will need to be escorted by a qualified JLab individual, which will be identified on the registration form.  To see if you are a visitor who needs to complete training, please visit here to gain more information.

Conference badges are issued on a case by case basis, and are different from TJNAF photo site badges.  These badges are for identification purposes only, and do not permit any site access.  Badging needs for each conference will be communicated on the conference's informational site.

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