Shipping / Receiving

Welcome to the Materials Management / Logistics Homepage we are located in the EEL building (90) and our hours of operation are 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.

This department is comprised of several different areas of responsibility.

Receiving: receives all materials delivered to JLAB and handles on-site movement of materials. A searchable database of all received and shipped items is here:

Shipping/Transportation: arranges and coordinates shipping arrangements with carriers, participates in freight rate negotiations, handles claims procedures and performs freight bill audits and approvals. It serves as the liaison with commercial carriers, prepares necessary traffic documentation and coordinates import and export activities.

Mailroom: processes U.S. and international mail, interoffice mail, sorts, delivers and picks up Laboratory mail on a daily basis.

Meetings, Moves and Setups: arranges meeting and conference rooms, moves office furniture from office to office or to and from FreeStock, sets up moral boosters and other gatherings.


For Domestic Shipments a "Shipment Authorization" is required.
For International Shipments, both a Shipment Authorization and "Proforma Invoice for International Shipments" is required.
For items returning to the vendor (received defective/broken, incorrect, unwanted, etc.) use the "Interactive Return to Vendor Form"

If you are unsure of what form to use contact Shipping and Receiving, x5010.