Site Access & Steps for Registration

Coming to Jefferson Lab?

Welcome! If you are coming to Jefferson Lab, please see the below guide to help identify your site access requirements. 

Identifying Site Access Requirements Quick Guide

Reason for Visit Registration Required? Badge Type

Open to the public tour, conference, or workshop

Visit totals 5 days or less

NO Temporary paper badge printed at Welcome Kiosk or conference badge

Virtually attending open to the public tour, conference or workshop

Visit totals 5 days or less

NO No badge issued

Virtually attending a closed tour, conference, or workshop

YES: VISITOR-VIRTUAL No badge issued

Interviews, meetings, pre-bid visits

Some meetings do not require a registration.  This is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Please refer to with any questions

YES: VISITOR Temporary paper badge printed at Welcome Kiosk

Completing/conducting work, or is a student 

On or offsite

YES: Select applicable JLab Type when completing registration

JLab Photo ID Badge

(unless USER-REMOTE)

Please see our Step-by-Step Instruction Guide for additional help in identifying site access requirements and detailed support to navigate the registration process in our Guest Access Portal.

**If a registraiton is required of you, please do not arrive onsite until the registration is completed and you receive an approval email from Jefferson Lab.**

Registration Process:

Please read carefully and follow all instructions.

If you have any registration questions, please direct them to your JLab Host, group administrator, or

Subcontractors: Please start your registration process here

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

All new and returning guests/users must complete a registration form no later than 7 days before arrival at the following link:

Submit Registration Form Here

Note: The login you create will be used each time you register for a new visit.

Review detailed step-by-step screenshots to help navigate through the Guest Access Portal here:

Guest Access Portal Help & Instructions

Different users will have different Before Arrival Checklist requirements.  Some checklist items might include:

  • Institution Verification
  • Standards of Conduct OR User Collaborator Agreement
  • ID/Immigration Documentation
  • Dosimeter Request

Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals will require additional documentation to be submitted with their registrations.  These documents include:

  • I-94 Authorization
  • CV
  • Unclassified Foreign Visit/Assignment Form

See current required ID documents at the following link:

Required ID Documents Reference

Different trainings are required for different JLab types.  Some types include:

  • Staff
  • Users
  • Subcontractors

See required trainings for your JLab type at the following link:

Required Trainings for your JLab Type

If you have received your approval email, completed your required trainings, and are coming onsite, schedule a badging appointment at the link below:

Schedule a Badging Appointment Here

Review current badging information at our main Badging Office website here:

JLab Badging Office

Computer Accounts

If you require a computer account, you will request it on the registration form.  You will then be contacted by the JLab Computer Center to complete your computer account request requirements.  To check the status of your request, contact 757-269-7155 or the HelpDesk at

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