Travel Services

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TIP: The return travel day is determined by the distance the traveler must go to return to the work site area. If travel can be completed by a reasonable hour in the evening the return will be the day the event ends. If travel can not be completed by a reasonable hour the traveler is authorized to travel the next day.

The mission of the Travel Services Department is to provide the Jefferson Lab traveler with a full range of travel options while assuring compliance with Federal Travel Regulations, JSA / DOE Contract requirements, and Jefferson Lab policies. Our services include providing a contracted travel agency as the resource for the traveler or traveler's representative to book reservations from a variety of booking methods (i.e. phone, e-mail service request and on-line booking tool); negotiating agency fees, lodging, and rental car rates; timely reimbursement of travel costs; and providing a variety of travel information and tips via our web page. From necessary forms to procedure inquiries, we are here to assist the Lab traveler, visitor or coordinator through each phase of every business trip.

Jenita Everett
Travel Supervisor

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Kimberly Pyle 
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Adriane Ward
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Evelyn Medeiros
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Omega World Travel Agent