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TEDF - Annual Review


Documents for Annual Review

Information to Reviewers
Charge Letter
Mailing List
Writing Assignments
Report Front Page
WBS Dictionary
Cost, Scheudle, Risk and Contingency
Contingency Summary
Mortenson Pricing Document
Mortenson Cost Histogram
Master Schedule
Mortenson Construction Schedule
Critical Path Schedule
Fast Track Schedule
Risk Registry
EV Data
o July Data
o August Data
o September Data
Environment, Safety and Health
Notable Event Worksheets for Recordables
Auger Cast Pile Slip Incident
Steelworker Fall Incident
Drywall Incident
Roof Worker Slip (DART)
Hydromobile Fall Incident
Inadvert Airbag Final
ORPS Reports
Cooling water
15kv near miss
Back Hoe
Sump pump
Falling Object
Step Ladder
Gas Line Strike
Natural Gas Release
TED 110 V
Pressure Test
480 V Line Under floor
480V cut
TED LEED Review Comments
TL LEED Scorecard
Status Steet
Buy Back/Deduct List
CD-4A Recommendations
o Peer Review Report
o Initial Readiness Report
o Start of Operations Action Plan
o Peer Review RTT
o IPR Report
o Final Readiness Report
o Readiness Memo
o RTT Completion Memo
Transition to Operations Plan
Draft Closeout Report
TEDF Photographs
Security Vulnerability Assessment available upon request