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Our mission is to provide the oversight required for the Government Property being used by and at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), or Jefferson Lab.

All property moved into and out of the TJNAF is required to be controlled and reported per Federal Regulations. The buttons below are provided to assist Jefferson Lab staff in properly accounting for, moving, excessing, storing and shipping all types of property - whether it is physically located at Jefferson Lab or not (onsite/off site).

Managing your Property Onsite

search.jpg Tagged Property

Use the Search Property button to manage tagged property at Jefferson Lab, to include validating property, moving property to a new owner or location onsite, and excessing property you no longer need.
work-request-sys.jpg Work Request

Use the Work Request button to submit a work request to Facilities Management.  Use this when your section can’t support your on-site property move.
missing-Item.jpg Missing

If you have a property item that is missing, use this button to fill out a Missing Item Report.
search.jpg Untagged Property

Use the Search Property button to manage untagged property at Jefferson Lab, to include validating property, moving property to a new owner or location onsite, and excessing property you no longer need.

Managing your Property Offsite

gsa.jpg GSA Surplus

Check the General Services Administration (GSA) Surplus Federal Property site for things you need. The Username and Password for the GSAxcess is GOVUSE, and the access is Read OnlyClick on GSAxcessto review all available surplus items.

JLab employees interested in acquiring surplus property listed on this site must:
auction.jpg Surplus Property Auction Site
The Surplus Property Auction site offers a wide range of items through on-line auction. Jefferson Lab Surplus Property is sold here, and JLab employees may purchase from this site as long as it is not property that they disposed of from the lab.
return.jpg Return To

If you need to return an item to a vendor, this button takes you to the necessary form for processing.
offsitemove.jpg shipping.jpg Shipping
Shipping arranges and coordinates with carriers, participates in freight rate negotiations, handles claims procedures and performs freight bill audits and approvals. It serves as the liaison with commercial carriers, prepares necessary traffic documentation and coordinates import and export activities.
receiving.jpg Receiving
Receiving takes all incoming items, processes Purchase Orders (POs), arranges delivery and starts the Property accountability process for Government Property and items loaned to JLab.
storage.jpg Storage/

If you want to store an item for future use or need it stored as a Spare, you must fill out a Storage Request Form. Justification for stored items must be done each year.

Documentation and Training

propertymanual.jpg Property

This document includes all Property Management Policies and Procedures that govern Jefferson Lab property.
training.jpg Training

Go to the training page to access and complete GEN 150 Property Custodian Training.  A Jefferson Lab staff member assigned even one piece of equipment (i.e., a computer) is a Property Custodian.

  1. Contact Property Management via and provide the Item Control Number, a description of the property, and how you will be using the property.
  2. Property staff will complete the transfer paperwork. Be aware: All shipping costs are the responsibility of the person or work center requesting the property.
  3. Property posted here is available on a first-come, first service basis. There are no guarantees.