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Gluonic Poster

    Proceedings submissions due August 29, 2003. View the instructions for authors.

    This workshop is devoted to exploring the role of dynamical gluonic degrees of freedom in hadron spectroscopy. It will bring together researchers from around the world to present the latest results and plans for future theoretical and experimental work in areas of QCD spectroscopy. The experimental plans will focus on the Hall D program at a future upgraded 12 GeV CEBAF accelerator, as well as other facilities.

    Some of the topics include:

    • Hybrid meson and baryon phenomenology
    • Exotic meson spectroscopy
    • Confinement
    • Data analysis
    • Lattice QCD

    The workshop is part of a series of joint workshops alternately hosted by the Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington and Jefferson Lab.

    For more information, please contact

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