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    A simple version of the JLAB logo has been created for importing or cutting/pasting into documents. Black line art with a red beam line. This version prints both in color and black & white (red translates to black when printing greyscale). The font/text in the logo has been converted to an object and is no longer a font to avoid font interpretation problems.

    The native format (.ai and .eps) Adobe Illustrator versions are entirely editable if you own this software. (on both mac and pc.) TIFF (.tif) format imports into WORD 6 (pc & mac), Photoshop, Illustrator. There are TIFF files saved as greyscale and color (2 sizes of compression). All other formats are not editable except for resizing. (GIF, BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF, IFF, PICT.)

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