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    IR FEL 3-dimensional image library (all art is public domain)

    These thumbnails are links to larger images. Most are image only, no labels or titles. Only moderate compression has been applied to ensure higher quality printing. Uncompressed TIFF versions are also available to CUE account holders for the highest quality prints. (Printing time will be longer). If you would like continuous tone photorealistic dye-sublimation prints & transparencies contact Jaynie Martz at

    QuickTime 4.1.2 Download  (You may need to download this software to your hard drive in order
    to view TIFF files and animations).

    To access more TIFF (.tif) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai)& files from PC:
    My computer/M-drive (jlabgrp)/martz/Graphics/3dart

    To access more TIFF (.tif) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai)& files from MAC:
    Chooser: Ethernet Appleshare/JLAB Fileserver>Group>martz>Graphics>3d art>Hall A. Follow your software package instructions for importing, inserting, or cutting and pasting images into your document.

    To import a JPEG image into PowerPoint or MS WORD:
    Insert >Picture>From file , after downloading file to your desktop.

    If you wish assistance with adding titles or labeling, please contact Jaynie Martz at x5022 or If you would like different views or new angle shots this can done with a minimum of 4 days in advance of your deadline. Two weeks notice is preferable. Please bring or mail your sketches, ideas or revisions to Jaynie Martz, Senior Technical Illustrator, ARC bldg. room 402, MS A4. Member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

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