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    Creating a 'Virtual' printer for making PostScript (.ps) files. (on a pc)

      1. Start>Printer and Faxes>Add a Printer.

      2. Double-click on Add Printer.

      3. Click 'My computer' in the Add Printer Wizard window. Click Next.

      4.In the Available ports window, click 'FILE' (Local port/PSconverter). Click Next.

      5.In the 'Manufacturers' window, select 'HP' ,then scroll the 'Printers' window to locate a PostScript printer (HP Color LaserJet PS). Click Next.

      6.Select 'NO' when asked "Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer?" Click Next.

      7. Click 'Not Shared'. (this is not a real printer)

      8. Click "NO' when asked "Would you like to print a test page?" Click Finish. Your virtual printer will appear in the Printer queue list and will have a tiny floppy disk icon attached to it. This is purely a postscript printer driver engine, not a genuine printer. Use only your application 'Print to File' option when sending to this driver.

      9. Create a test PostScript file by opening a file in your current application and clicking the 'Print to File' option. Your file will appear in your directory with a '.ps' extension. Example: 'graph' will now be ''.

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