Java Parallel Secure Socket (Stream) (JPARSS)

The emergence of high speed wide area networks makes grid computing a reality. However grid applications that need reliable data transfer still have difficulties to achieve optimal TCP performance due to network tuning of TCP window size to improve bandwidth and to reduce latency on a high speed wide area network. A Java package called JPARSS (Java Parallel Secure Stream (Socket)) that divides data into partitions that are sent over several parallel Java streams simultaneously and allows Java or Web applications to achieve optimal TCP performance in a grid environment without the necessity of tuning TCP window size. This package enables single sign-on, certificate delegation and secure or plain-text data/file transfer using several security components based on X.509 certificate and SSL. A simple file server is implemented along with a command line utility to provide peer-to-peer and third party file transfers.

Currently jparss is released as version 0.95 . The installation information can be found in the README file. A paper describing design and implementation of jparss along with performance results can be found here.

In addition a parallel file transfer engine is deployed between Jefferson lab and MIT. This file transfer engine provide a bandwidth 3 to 4 times better than that of regular ftp. It allows a client that is behind a firewall to transfer files (some other C based file transfer utility won't be able to do this). Finally user may choose either a secure or plain text transfer on top of secure X.509 based authentication..

We are developing web services that utilizes jparss to enable peer-to -peer or 3rd party file transfer. Please check back here for announcement..