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Administrative Manual - 300 Facilities Management




302.01 General  
A. Policy
B. Responsibility
C. Services

302.02 Mail Service  
A. General
B. Bulk Mail
C. Express Mail

302.03 Shipping and Receiving  
A. General
B. Receiving
C. Returns
D. Shipping

302.04 Property Management and Accountability  
A. Inventory and Inspection
B. Warehousing and Storage of Personal Property
C. Property Movement
D. Excess Property
E. Missing Property

302.05 Acquisition Of Excess Property From DOE
or Other Government Agencies
A. General
B. Travel to Inspect Excess Property
C. Documentation and Ordering

302.06 Disposition of High-Risk Property  
A. Policy

302.07 Control of Sensitive Property  
A. Policy
B. Responsibilities

302.08 Control of Precious Metals  
A. Policy
B. Definitions
C. General
D. Responsibilities

302.09 Control of Property in the Possession of Off-Site Contractors  
A. Policy
B. Definitions
D. Responsibilities

302.10 Nuclear Materials Control and Accountability  
A. General
B. Requirements
D. Responsibilities

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