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Administrative Manual - 600 Outreach Programs

602 Technology Transfer

    1. Purpose
      1. The basic mission of JSA's Technology Transfer Program is to enhance the opportunities for commercialization of JSA's federally funded research efforts by leveraging our core technologies in partnership with industry, educational institutions and other federal agencies.
      2. JSA participates in the Department of Energy's Energy Research/Laboratory Technology Transfer and Office of Technology Utilization workshops, seminars and working groups such as the Defense Programs/Energy Research Small Business Initiative and is an active member of various community organizations such as the Peninsula Advanced Technology Center, the Greater Richmond Technology Council (GRTC) and The Governor's Regional Economic Development Advisory Council.
    2. Goals

      JSA's continuing goals in this activity are:

      1. To work closely with the Industrial Advisory Board/Laser Processing Consortium (LPC) members to finalize the consortium agreements,
      2. To execute various collaborative research agreements (Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), Technical Assistance, Personnel Exchanges, User Facility) between JSA and industry and university consortium members to commence certain Free Electron Laser design activities,
      3. To encourage collaboration within the LPC, particularly between industry and university components,
      4. To expand participation in the LPC by seeking additional Phase 1 and 2 partners, in particular Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses, and
      5. To obtain additional financial support to complete the project.
    1. Program Strategy

      JSA ensures Fairness of Opportunity by such tactics as publication of Technology Transfer Opportunities, visible attendance at many technical seminars and conferences, close cooperation with the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology and the Peninsula Advanced Technology Center (PATC), and co-sponsorship of EXPOTECH. The program encourages the use of all forms of technology transfer mechanisms and has a balanced portfolio of Small Business CRADAs, Technical Assistance Agreements, Personnel Exchange Agreements, Memoranda of Cooperation, Software Licenses and Contracts. In addition, the program has the capability to execute Work for Others Contracts and User Facility Agreements as appropriate.

    2. Small Business/Minority Business Participation

      JSA encourages participation in its Technology Transfer efforts by small and disadvantaged organizations.

      1. Program Staff make presentations to community groups upon request and always stress our interest in working with local small and disadvantaged businesses.
      2. The Administrator of the Office of Technology Applications is appointed as a Southeast Region DOE Small Business Coordinator and as such is the published point of contact for any small business exploring a partnership with JSA.
      3. The Laboratory further promotes its interest in generating small and disadvantaged business collaborations through its continuing participation in EXPOTECH and close working relationship with the PATC, and by publishing in the Commerce Business Daily and other publications its specific interest in working with such businesses.
    3. Local Economic Development
      1. JSA has integrated economic development into its planning by the inclusion of the City of Newport News in the Laser Processing Consortium. The city is kept well informed of potential partners who may be interested in locating new businesses or growing the existing business base in the local area.
      2. JSA is a key member of Peninsula Advanced Technology Council which is primarily interested in fostering economic growth on the Virginia Peninsula through its strongest resource - a world-class technology base.
      3. The Peninsula Advanced Technology Center, NASA Langley Research Center, the Air Combat Command at Langley Air Force Base, the Peninsula communities, and JSA co-sponsor EXPOTECH, a major annual Technology Fair with the vision of becoming by 1998 "...a nationally recognized technology and trade exposition that showcases and stimulates the technology strengths of the Peninsula..."
      4. The Technology Transfer Manager is also a member of the Governor's Technology Council of Virginia.

    For information on procedures regarding Technology Transfer, see the sections of this manual entitled Technology Transfer (Procurement Chapter) and Patents and Copyrights (Intellectual Property Chapter).

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