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Administrative Manual - 600 Outreach Programs

603 University Relations

    1. Purpose

      University Relations was created to foster partnerships between CEBAF and the nation's universities and colleges.

    2. Goals
      1. Provide opportunities for the nation's universities and colleges to build strong research groups centered around CEBAF's physics and technology.
      2. Promote graduate programs of the highest quality in physics and related technologies.
    1. Joint Faculty

      Tenure-track faculty members shared by a university and CEBAF with shared costs.

    2. Bridged Faculty

      Faculty members hired by a university as regular, tenure-track faculty members. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), CEBAF reimburses the university a fraction of their costs in exchange for time the faculty members perform research in support of CEBAF.

    3. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) and Minority Educational Institutions (MEI's)

      CEBAF recognizes that students and faculty at HBCU's and MEI's are under-represented in fundamental research programs at national laboratories. Using both the Joint and Bridged Faculty programs, CEBAF strives to include them in the work of a world-class scientific institution by partnering with them to establish outstanding research and graduate-level training programs in physics and related disciplines.

    4. The Tidewater Physics Consortium

      In 1992, the Director of CEBAF and the Presidents of Hampton University, Old Dominion University, and the College of William and Mary established the Tidewater Physics Consortium. They recognized that CEBAF, while not in itself an educational facility, represents an invaluable resource for graduate education, especially for students whose home universities are within easy commuting distance, and that through cooperation they could create a graduate program beyond the resources of the individual participating universities.

    5. The Virginia Physics Consortium

      In 1994, CEBAF, members of the Tidewater Physics Consortium (TPC), representatives from Norfolk State University, the University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the State Council of Higher Education considered expanding the TPC. In expanding the TPC, the Virginia Physics Consortium was created to build not only an outstanding graduate training program but also a coherent cross-university research effort in the Commonwealth based on the opportunities at CEBAF.

    6. CEBAF Outstanding Undergraduate Physics Researchship Program

      In 1995, the CEBAF Outstanding Undergraduate Physics Researchship Program (COUPR) was established. It is a summer researchship program which recognizes and recruits the nation's most promising undergraduate physicists and immerses them in the physics of CEBAF by providing them the opportunity to interact with CEBAF's staff and visiting scientists. Experience from the COUPR will encourage these students to pursue advanced degrees in CEBAF-related disciplines, thus supporting the scientific mission of CEBAF.

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