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Administrative Manual

All the policies and procedures set forth in this manual provide guidelines for employees who need to know of their responsibilities and authority, and of appropriate action in specific circumstances. While uniformity of action in certain areas is a necessity for a smooth operation, the employee will always be expected to exercise good judgement. The policies are intended to provide guidance in order to plan, organize and coordinate the operations and human resources of the laboratory, and perform in a manner that is in compliance with our contract with the Department of Energy.

As the Lab will continually refine its policies to ensure a professional and productive work environment, it maintains the right at its sole discretion to depart from, to amend unilaterally, or withdraw any policy or procedure described in this manual in order to meet its requirements. While every effort will be made to inform staff of changes in a timely manner, JSA/Jefferson Lab reserves the right to make such modifications to any policy or procedure without prior notice.

While the policies outlined in this manual should provide answers to most of the general questions, it cannot cover every possible situation that might arise. All manuals are controlled by JSA/JLab, and are not to be amended (except for typographical, factual, and contractually required corrections) without approval of the Director's Council.


Hugh Montgomery, Laboratory Director

Lawrence S. Cardman, Associate Director - Physics

R. Roy Whitney, Chief Information Officer

Claus Rode; 12GeV Upgrade Project Manager

Joseph Scarcello, Chief Financial Officer

Robert McKeown, Deputy Director and Chief Scientist

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