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23nd Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies Program

HUGS 2008
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
June 2 - 20, 2008

Student Talks

Strangeness Photoproduction in FROST Liam Casey
Cherenkov Radiation From Jets in Heavy-ion Collisions David Flay
DVCS and extraction of cross sections in Hall A Eric Fuchey
Measurement of the Induced polarization of electro-produced Λ(1116)
with CLAS
 Marianna Gabrielyan
Calibration of An Electron Run in CLAS  Wes Gohn
Strange Quark Contributions to the Proton Brian Hahn
Double Polarization Measurements with the Crystal Barrel-Experiment
  Jan Hartmann
Qweak: Measuring the Proton's Weak Charge  Joshua Hoskins
DVCS - Hall A: Study of the Background Noise   Florian Itard
Quark Distribution and Fragmentation Functions in the NJL model  Takuya Ito
FROST Experiment: Helicity Amplitude and EM coupling constants in Exclusive Pion Photoproduction  Hideko Iwamoto
Measuring Transversity from Pion Pairs using a Longitudinally Polarized Target  Sucheta Jawalkar
Central tracker for 12GeV upgrade in Hall B  Piotr Konczykowski
Non-Perturbative QCD at Finite Temperature  Pok Man Lo
Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering at RHIC   Donika Plyku
Neutrino Oscillation  Matthew Posik
A High-Finesse Fabry-Pérot Cavity for Hall A Compton Polarimetry  Abdurahim Rakhman
G12 A search for exotic mesons  Diane Schott
DVCS Using CLAS with Polarized Target  Erin Seder
Electromagnetic production of kaons from the proton in the Regge-plus-resonance model  Pieter Vancraeyveld, Tamara Corthals, Jan Ryckebusch
Hadron pair production in collision of virtual photons  Masao Yamagishi
The Crystal Barrel Experiment at ELSA Friedemann Zenke