New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Jefferson Lab

Welcome to Jefferson Lab!

Congratulations! Welcome to Jefferson Lab. You made the right choice and we're so glad you're joining us! There is much to know at Jefferson Lab, before your first day, take a look at what it means to be apart of the team. Click on the gray headers/icons below to learn more

Here's what you'll find as you explore:


Lab links:
New Employee's Guide to Web Resources  (update  to the employee orientation booklet)
JLab fact sheet (needs to be updated)
Company Amenities (gym, nursing areas, wellness room, occ med)
Quark Cafe' menu
Map of JLab site and campus

Your First 30 Days:

Before Day 1

  • Communication about your start date, work location and arrangement with your team
  • Communication on about what to expect on your first day
  • Receive onboarding information to your personal email

Day 1

  • Complete cyber security training and get access to the network
  • Review benefits options
  • Complete new hire orientation learning
  • Finish up your I9
  • Get a badge to access the campus (campus map here)

Day 2-30

  • Complete new hire task in the HR database
  • Consult with your manager to request additional system access as needed for your role
  • Download/Set up additional software as needed for your role outlook, Office 365
  • Register in the Jefferson Lab wellness program to earn up to 200, if desired
  • Complete orientation training 

Day 31 and beyond

  • Clarify your goals and roles with your manager to fully launch your career at JLab.
  • Complete your Individual Career Profile (ICP)
  • If you will be working remotely complete the (form)
  • Get involved! Consider joining our DEIA, Safety Team, Mentoring, volunteer or an event around campus.
  • Give feedback about your onboarding experience NEO Evaluation