Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel serves as the primary source of legal advice and counsel to the Laboratory Director, Associate Directors and other senior management staff on all major contractual, regulatory and legal issues for Jefferson Lab.

Responsibilities include providing legal advice and opinions on issues of legal significance in the areas of procurement, personnel, finance, environmental, health & safety, intellectual property and technology transfer initiatives - to resolve disputes, for legal sufficiency and compliance with the prime contract requirements; coordinating legal responses to federal, state, and administrative inquiries; managing the legal and business relationships with outside counsel; and representing the facility as required before local, State and Federal legal jurisdictions.

Contact Us:

  • Rhonda Scales, Legal Counsel
    Office: (757) 269-7384 Fax: (757) 269-7941
  • DeLisa Stanfield, Legal/Audit Assistant
    Office: (757) 269-7051 Fax: (757) 269-7941