International Services

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The International Services Office contributes to Jefferson Lab's intellectual and cultural diversity through its service to the international community.

The International Services Office contributes to Jefferson Lab's intellectual and cultural diversity through its services.

The office assists Jefferson Lab personnel in completing registration, training requirements, badging and all areas related to visas and immigration.

New Entry Requirements for Canada Now in Effect

The Department of Energy requires all non-U.S. citizens to provide government-issued picture identification, i.e. green card, passport, visa and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services information before entry to Jefferson Lab.

An Invitation letter is required at the port of entry for all non US citizens requesting a business visa (B-1, WB) to participate in research, workshop, conferences and meetings at JLab. These activities are prohibited with Tourist Visa (B-2, WT)

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In addition, DOE approval is required before those whose country of origin is Iran, Sudan or Syria can enter the lab.

Entry to Jefferson Lab may be denied if identification and current immigration status cannot be verified.

Please contact the International Services Office for additional details.