Medical Insurance

An international accident and sickness insurance plan is available for purchase. A copy of each applicant's valid immigration documentation is required to process insurance documentation.

This insurance option is offered to insure the availability of quality medical care to all of our visiting researchers and their dependents while at Jefferson Lab.

Medical plans include prescription cards to all enrollees. This card will offer a Medex discount unique to each prescription plus a 20% co-pay.

*Visitor Medical Insurance Plans also include a 24-hour access for Europ Travel Assistance Services.

Medco Prescription Drug Benefit Handbook
Medco Pharmacy™ Mail-Order Form
MEDCO Prescription Reimbursement Form

The medical insurance monthly premium rates effective October 1, 2018 are as follows:

If you are a Researcher, the monthly rates are:

  Participant Spouse Child(ren)
Age 40 or less $289.00 $553.00 $337, birth to age 19
(Inclusive of all children in family)
Age 41-50 $345.00 $654.00
Age 51-60 $434.00 $773.00
Age 61-64 $500.00 $914.00
Age 65+ $566.00 $1082.00

If you are a Student or a Postdoc, the monthly rates are:

Participant: $255.00
Spouse: $510.96
Children: $358.53 (Inclusive of all children in family)

Description of Researcher Coverage
Description of Student/Postdoc Coverage
Claim Instructions
Claim Form
Researcher Enrollment Form
Student/Postdoc Enrollment Form
Visitor Insurance Responsibilities
Visitor Medical Insurance Overview

Please address all insurance information and inquiries to Sue Ewing at(757) 269-7687 - or Gina Lawson at (757) 269-7598 -