Learning & Development Office

Learning & Development Office

The Learning and Development Office is committed to helping the JLab community in obtaining skills, knowledge, and abilities that increase their effectiveness and performance of their current duties, while also improving their career opportunities within the Laboratory!

Tish Creery, Learning & Development Consultant                              Tara Tyndall, Learning & Development HR Assistant

Email: creery@jlab.org                                                                        Email: wilkerso@jlab.org

Office Ext: 7567                                                                                   Office Ext: 6119


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Professional Development

Job Related Training (JRT): Provides monetary support for employees pursing job related training.

Education Reimbursement Program (ERP): Provides monetary support for employees wishing to pursue a degree. Course work must be completed during off-duty time, reimbursements are directly related to grades and budgetary constraints. 

PAE Skillport: Provides professional quality web-based courses on a variety of subjects. Please contact training@jlab.org to request a seat. 

Mango: Provides language learning centered around you. Challenge yourself to discover something new!


Coming Soon - March 2020!

Diversity & Inclusion 

Jefferson Lab's Diversity and Inclusion Program is integrated with the laboratory's mission. We value the contributions of all people regardless of their differences. Our emphasis is on people and the environment in which they work.

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Questions, comments or concerns? Contact us at training@jlab.org!