Action Item on Andrea: Start implementing "generic hit and SD" as in presentation

Action Item on Everybody: Comment on the slides (link in agenda)


Three separate steps (w/ 2 interfaces)

Geant4 | Digitization | Tracking

             1                   2

1 => Discussed up to now (GDML + Hits)

2 => Not discussed, but the Tracking is probably GenFit, thus this constrains this second interface.

---------- Decsion on detector interface hits:

1. Write out: GDML, hits in ROOT format. Hits class should be streamed to ROOT file. A small library is needed to read back the file. Additional information needed is SD mapping (HitID->Vol). Ideally stream all info in a single file ("a package").

2. Keep Hit class as much as possible independent of persistency technology. Example:

    EiCTrackHit : public SOMETHING {


   void Write() {

     "if SOMETHING == ROOT" use ROOT

     "if SOMETHING == HDF5" ..... //For future use