10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Contribution plenary talk

Denver, CO - Director's Row H

Collinear Distributions from a Universal QCD Analysis (2019 GHP Dissertation Award)


  • Jacob ETHIER

Primary authors


Collinear distributions such as PDFs and fragmentation functions (FFs) have long been constrained by independent global QCD analyses. However, it is well known that these functions are intimately related across various scattering processes used in global fits, particularly in the polarized sector. Recently, the JAM collaboration performed the first simultaneous analysis of spin-dependent PDFs and FFs to constrain the sea quark helicities and resolve the strange polarization puzzle with semi-inclusive DIS data. In this talk, I review this effort and highlight new results from a universal QCD analysis in which spin-averaged and spin-dependent PDFs, together with FFs, are constrained simultaneously from unpolarized and polarized observables. I also discuss current and future fitting strategies that are needed to reliably determine the distributions and their uncertainties.