10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Contribution plenary talk

Denver, CO - Director's Row H

Strange Hadron Spectroscopy: Current Status and Future Prospects (2018 GHP APS fellow)


  • Prof. Moskov AMARYAN

Primary authors


In this talk I review the current status of hadron spectroscopy in the hyperon and strange meson sectors. The possibility to improve existing database by orders of magnitude with a secondary beam of $K_L$ at JLab with the GlueX setup in Hall D will be discussed. The proposed measurements will have a broad impact on a different aspects of nuclear and particle physics including: establishment of the low lying scalar meson nonet, discovery of dozens of missing excited states of $\Lambda,~ \Sigma,~ \Xi$ and $\Omega$ hyperons predicted by recent lattice QCD calculations, precise measurement of $K-\pi$ scattering amplitude as well as on our understanding of thermodynamic properties of the Early Universe at freeze-out, microseconds after the Big Bang.