10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Contribution invited talk

Denver, CO - Director's Row I

GPD program at COMPASS at CERN


  • Nicole D'HOSE

Primary authors


Investigation of GPDs and TMDs represents one of the major goals of the COMPASS-II program. Together, GPDs and TMDs provide the most complete description of the partonic structure of the nucleon. GPDs are experimentally accessible via lepton-induced exclusive reactions, in particular DVCS and DVMP. At COMPASS, these processes are investigated using the 160 GeV polarized muon beams. The DVCS cross-section and its |t|-dependence are extracted from the sum of cross-sections measured with opposite muon beam charges and polarizations. From this measurement, a first estimate of the transverse extension of the partons in the proton probed in the sea quark range will be reported.