10-12 April 2019
Denver, CO
US/Mountain timezone
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Denver, CO - Director's Row H

3-body quantization condition in a minimal unitary relativistic approach


  • Dr. Maxim MAI

Primary authors



The interacting three-particle states are populated via an interacting two-particle sub-system (resonant or non-resonant), and a spectator. Using this formulation, we derive the relativistic isobar-spectator amplitude such that the three-body Unitarity is ensured exactly (arXiv:1706.06118).

Unitarity constrains the imaginary parts of such an amplitude in infinite volume. In the finite volume this determines the leading power-law finite-volume effects allowing for a derivation of a highly desired 3-body quantization condition. Short derivation of the latter in the present formalism (arXiv:1709.08222) as well as a subsequent application to the physical system for which Lattice results exist (arXiv:1807.04746) will be presented in this talk.