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    Repository: Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
      Jefferson Lab Archives
      12000 Jefferson Ave., Room L203A
      Newport News, VA 23606
      Phone: (757) 269-7805
      Fax: (757) 269-5427
    Creator: Office of Public Affairs (1980s – 2017)
    Jefferson Lab Communications Office (2017 – Present)
    Title: Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Communications Office - Promotional Materials
    Dates: 1980s - present day
    Size: Analog: 2 Hollinger document boxes, (0.8 linear feet)
    Digital: 5 files, 25 megabytes
    Materials in collection: Brochures, handouts, pamphlets, event notices, informational packets
    Abstract: The Jefferson Lab Communications Office strives to involve the community in what happens at the Lab. Making this information comprehensive and understandable at the same time is the purview of this office.
    Identification number: JL.006D-2
    Location: The digital collection is located in the Jefferson Lab Document Management System. Analog items are located in the Jefferson Lab Archives.
    Language: English

    Historical Sketch

    The Communications Office works closely with the Director's Office and other offices to engage the community as well as members of the lab with the advanced science of Jefferson Lab. Through various types of media, the Communications Office continues to reach out and keep all ages involved with science and technology, engaging the future of science. The Communications Office is responsible for producing the material to let the community know about the accomplishments, advances, and goings-on of the Lab.

    Scope and Content

    Within the collection are pamphlets, brochures, handouts, programs, and fliers. Unlike the other sub-collections of Public Affairs, there are no indices.


    This collection is arranged chronologically, as best as the information provided allows. Elements of this collection are house within the digital archives.

    Two series make up this collection:

    • Series I: Hosted/Sponsored Events. This series contains fliers and other elements from events that have been hosted by CEBAF/Jefferson Lab.
    • Series II: General Information. Contained within this series are handouts, fliers, pamphlets and other materials that have been available as general information to not only the staff and users, but also the public at large.


    Access Restrictions

    • The collection may be used solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. Please contact the Jefferson Lab Records Management Office if you would like to use the collection.

    Use Restrictions

    • Jefferson Lab is providing access to the materials in the Archives collections solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. The unauthorized use, including, but not limited to, publication of the materials without the prior written permission of Jefferson Lab is strictly prohibited. All inquiries regarding permission to publish should be submitted in writing to the Archivist. In addition to permission from Jefferson Lab, permission of the copyright owner (if not Jefferson Lab) and/or any holder of other rights (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) may also be required for reproduction, publication, distribution, and other uses. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of any item and securing any necessary permissions rests with the persons desiring to publish the item. Jefferson Lab makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the materials or their fitness for a particular purpose.

    Controlled Access Terms

    12 GeV
    Applied Research Center (ARC) (Collection # JL.017)
    Awards (Collection # JL.007)
    BEAMS (Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science)(Collection # JL.012)
    CEBAF Center
    Free-Electron Laser (FEL) (Collection # JL.001-1)
    Jefferson Lab
    Newport News City (Collection # JL.011)
    Office of Science Education (Collection # JL.012)
    Open House (Collection # JL.006)
    Public Affairs(Collection # JL.006)
    Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF)
    Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)
    Technology Transfer (Collection # JL.001)
    Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
    Tours (Collection # JL.006)

    Administration Information

    Preferred Citation: 
    [Identification of Item], Box [insert number], [insert number and title], Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Communications Office – Promotional Materials, Jefferson Lab Archives, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, 12000 Jefferson Ave., Ste. L203A, Newport News, VA, 23606

    Acquisition Information:
    This collection was acquired from the Communications Office.

    Processing History:
    This collection was processed by Melissa Erlandson in February, 2017

    This collection was supported in part by a grant from the History Programs, American Institute of Physics.

    Box and Container Listing 
    Series I: Hosted Events
    Box 1/ folder numbers:
    1. CEBAF Center Groundbreaking, 24 May 1988 
    2. Real-Time, Williamsburg: 15-19 May 1989 
    3. CEBAF Center Dedication, 20 October 1989 
    4. Summer Workshop, 15-20 June 1992 
    5. CEBAF Open House, 30 April 1994
    6. CEBAF Proudly Salutes the Service Awards Recipients for 1994 and 1995
    7. Expo Tech '95, 5-8 April 1995 
    8. Guide to the Run-A-Round, 11 April 1995 
    9. Service Awards Recipients, 1996
    10. Applied Research Center Groundbreaking, 9 May 1996 
    11. CEBAF Dedication Ceremony, 15 May 1996
    12. Applied Research Center Dedication, 4 May 1998 
    13. Guide to the Run-A-Round, 14 May 1998 
    14. Service Awards, November 1999 
    15. SURA Recognition Ceremony, 13 December 1999 
    16. Jefferson Lab Service Award Brochure, 2000 
    17. Celebrate Safety First, 29 June 2000 
    18. A Memorial Gathering to Celebrate the Life and Work of Nathan Isgur, 17 September 2001
    19. Science Education Activities, 2002-2003 
    20. Service Awards, 8 December 2003 
    21. Handout for Atrium Display, early 2000s-2007 
    22. Tuskegee Airmen, 19 February 2004 
    23. 12 Gev CD Signing, 14 April 2004 
    24. Service Awards, 8 February 2005 
    25. Open House, 16 April 2005 
    26. Service Awards, 27 April 2005 
    27. AIP Division of Nuclear Physics Reception and Tour, 11 October 2007 
    28. 12 GeV Groundbreaking, 14 April 2009 
    29. 25 Years - 1 October 2009 
    30. 25 Years booklet 
    31. Open House: Celebration of Science, 01 May 2010 
    32. Groundbreaking Event on TED, 1 September 2010 
    33. Open House: Passport to Science, 19 May 2012 
    34. Open House: Accelerating Discovery, 17 May 2014
    35. Colloquium: "Bridge Too Far?" 18 February 2016 
    36. Open House, 30 April 2016 
    37. Summer Poster Session, 5 August 2016 
    38. Newport News Public Schools Engineering Design Challenge, 28 October 2016 
    39. Open House, 19 May 2018 
    40. 12 GeV Upgrade Dedication, 2 May 2018
    Series II: General Information
    Box 2 / folder numbers:
    1. CEBAF: Technology Transfer Opportunities 
    2. At the Frontier of Nuclear Physics, black matte 
    3. At the Frontier of Nuclear Physics, black gloss 
    4. Exploring Quarks and Gluons in the Nucleus sticker, c. late 1980s 
    5. How to do What You Want to do
    6. Six Flavors of Quarks bookmark, c. late 1980s 
    7. At the Frontier of Nuclear Physics, 1988 
    8. CEBAF Brochure, 1991 
    9. Fundamental Science for the Nation, c. 1991 
    10. At the Frontier of Nuclear Physics, 1991 
    11. SURA/CEBAF Residence Facility, early 1990s 
    12. Discoveries: Introduction to CEBAF, c. 1996 
    13. "The Wonders of Nature", 24 May 1996 
    14. 1996 Dedication, 24 May 
    15. Informational Folder, c. > 1997 
    16. Six Flavors of Quarks bookmark, late 1990s 
    17. Quick & Easy Guide to Records Management, pre-2000 
    18. State of the Lab Address and Service Awards Ceremony, 4 December 1997 
    19. Highlights, 2000-2001 
    20. Applied Research Center, February 2000 
    21. A Place of Possibilities Department of Applied Science
    22. Complete General Information Folder, c. 2001 
    23. Dilon - Tech Transfer, c. 2001 
    24. Post cards, 2002 
    25. Human Resources Co-op Program, mid-2000s 
    26. Wrestling the Strongest Force in the Universe: Future Science at Jefferson Lab, 2004-2005 
    27. JLab Science Education, post-2005 
    28. Superconducting Radio Frequency Technology, post-2006 
    29. Brochure: Institute for SRF Science and Technology, 2007 
    30. Exploring the Nature of Matter, c. 2008 
    31. Free-Electron Laser, c. 2008 
    32. Science Education, c. 2008 
    33. Nuclear Imaging: Nuclear Physics Advancing Medicine, c. 2009 
    34. 12 GeV Upgrade, c. 2010 
    35. Quarks! bookmarks, through 2010 
    36. Visitor Orientation, June 2011 
    37. Exploring the Nature of Matter, c. 2012 
    38. Informational Folder, March 2013-2017
    39. Tour Jefferson Lab, c. 2015 
    40. Holiday Staff Picture, 2016 
    41. Frostbite Theater, Summer 2017 
    42. Informational Folder, October 2017 
    43. Student Orientation, April 2018 
    44. 12 GeV Upgrade: 2-4, 2017, 2 May 2018


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