Finding Aid to Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Communications Office – Newsprint Media

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Repository: Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
  Jefferson Lab Archives
  12000 Jefferson Ave., Room L203A
  Newport News, VA 23606
  Phone: (757) 269-7805
  Fax: (757) 269-5427
Creator: Jefferson Lab Public Affairs Office, Jefferson Lab Library
Title: Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Communications Office – Newsprint Media
Dates: 1962-Present day
Size: Analog: 1 Hollinger box, 1 half-Hollinger, 2 oversize boxes; 4.1 linear feet
Digital: 340 files, 3 gigabytes
Materials in collection: Clippings from newspaper articles; local, statewide, national and international.
Abstract: The goings-on of Jefferson Lab have been featured and highlighted in many different newspaper articles over the years. Those articles are captured in this collection.
Identification number: JL.006B-1
Location: The digital collection is located in the Jefferson Lab Document Management System. Non-digital items are located in the Jefferson Lab Archives.
Language: English

Historical Sketch

Beginning with articles in 1962 pertaining to the Virginia Associated Research Center (or VARC) the newspaper articles cover the evolution of Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) from funding and development, to scientists and community outreach, as well as associated universities, organizations, and staff.

Scope and Content

This collection is made up of news clippings from newspapers from all over the world. Copies of original articles and articles provided and published digitally are held within the digital collection; only originals are available in the analog collection. All articles have been dated wherever possible. There is a section in the digital collection for articles that have not been dated.


This collection is arranged in chronological order by year and also by location, with source volume separating most of the analog collection: Local (Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, etc.); Statewide, National, International (as international materials are added to the collection). As of the making of this Collection Guide, and unless otherwise noted, please assume and notice years and articles are missing. Internal researchers are seeking this missing information it will be interfiled and this Guide updated as articles are located.

A master database indexes the physical articles within the collection. This database is housed within the Jefferson Lab Document Management System. Within the digital collection is a subseries for obituaries to honor those lost to the Jefferson Lab community. Remembrances issued by the Jefferson Lab Office of Communications can be found here:

Series I: Daily Press
Series II: Virginian-Pilot (of note: the Norfolk Ledger Star was the afternoon edition of the Virginian Pilot. This ceased production in 1995. Articles from the Norfolk Ledger Star are merged with the Virginian-Pilot.)
Series III: Inside Business
Series IV: Oyster Pointer
Series V: Miscellaneous Local
Series VI: Richmond
Series VII: State-wide
Series VIII: National


Access Restrictions

  • The collection may be used solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. Please contact if you would like to use the collection.

Use Restrictions

  • Jefferson Lab is providing access to the materials in the Archives collections solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. The unauthorized use, including, but not limited to, publication of the materials without the prior written permission of Jefferson Lab is strictly prohibited. All inquiries regarding permission to publish should be submitted in writing to the Archivist. In addition to permission from Jefferson Lab, permission of the copyright owner (if not Jefferson Lab) and/or any holder of other rights (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) may also be required for reproduction, publication, distribution, and other uses. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of any item and securing any necessary permissions rests with the persons desiring to publish the item. Jefferson Lab makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the materials or their fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Access to the Jefferson Lab Archives' collection of media granted under the Fair Use Act (US Code: 17 U.S.C. § 107). Researchers are responsible for proper source citation and copyright permissions.

Controlled Access Terms

BEAMS Program Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (U.S.)
The College of William & Mary 
Community Outreach 
Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
Department of Energy
Jefferson Lab (U.S.)
Langley Research Center 
Old Dominion University
Oyster Point, Newport News, Virginia
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Virginia Associated Research facility (VARC)


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Administration Information

Preferred Citation: 
[Identification of Item], Box [insert number], Folder [insert number and title], Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Communications Office – Newsprint Media, Jefferson Lab Archives, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, 12000 Jefferson Ave., Room L203A, Newport News, VA, 23606; also proper citation for source materials and copyright.

Acquisition Information:
This collection was acquired from Public Affairs.

Processing History:
This collection was processed by Melissa Erlandson in February, 2016. Further processing of this collection was undertaken by Archival Intern Kevin Lopez-Gibbs between 2019 - 2021.

This collection was supported in part by a grant from the History Programs, American Institute of Physics.

Box and Container Listing 
Box 1
Series I: Daily Press
  • Folder 1: 1992
  • Folder 2: 1994
  • Folder 3: 1995
  • Folder 4: 1996
  • Folder 5: 1998
  • Folder 6: 2001
  • Folder 7: 2003
  • Folder 8: 2004
  • Folder 9: 2005
  • Folder 10: 2007
  • Folder 11: 2008
  • Folder 12: 2009
  • Folder 13: 2010
  • Folder 14: 2011
  • Folder 15: 2012
  • Folder 16: 2013
  • Folder 17: 2014
  • Folder 18: 2015
  • Folder 19: 2016
  • Folder 20: 2017
  • Folder 21: 2018

Series II: Virginian-Pilot

  • Folder 22: 1993
  • Folder 23: 2011
  • Folder 24: 2015
  • Folder 25: 2016
Box 2
Series III: Inside Business
  • Folder 1: 2004
  • Folder 2: 2007
  • Folder 3: 2008
  • Folder 4: 2009
  • Folder 5: 2010
  • Folder 6: 2011
  • Folder 7: 2012
  • Folder 8: 2013

Series IV: Oyster Pointer

  • Folder 9: 2008
  • Folder 10: 2009
  • Folder 11: 2010
  • Folder 12: 2011
  • Folder 13: 2013
  • Folder 14: 2014
  • Folder 15: 2017

Series V: Miscellaneous Local

  • Folder 16: 1980s
  • Folder 17: 1990s
  • Folder 18: 2000s
  • Folder 19: 2010s

Series VI: Richmond

  • Folder 20: 1990s
  • Folder 21: 2000s
  • Folder 22: 2010s

Series VII: State-wide

  • Folder 23: 1990s
  • Folder 24: 2000s

Series VIII: National

  • Folder 25: 1990s
  • Folder 26: 2003
  • Folder 27: 2004
  • Folder 28: 2011
  • Folder 29: 2013
Oversize Box 1
  • Scrap book 1: November 1962 - April 1968
  • Scrap book 2: March 1968 - October 1973
Oversize Box 2
  • Daily Press series - Chester the Crab Science Activities 9-13 April 2001


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