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Significant Dates

1984   Initial federal funds received.
1987 Construction began on the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF).
1995 Physics experiments started at CEBAF.
1996 Name changed from CEBAF to the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab).
1997 CEBAF full-design energy -- 4 GeV (billion electron volts) -- delivered to all three experimental halls.
2000 CEBAF ~6 GeV beam delivered to experimental halls, exceeding machine design by 50 percent.

JLab received contract to engineer and assemble the superconducting accelerator components and to design and oversee installation of the helium refrigeration plant for the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Lab.

2003 Groundbreaking data published on the shape of the proton.
2004 DOE approved "missions need" for JLab's 12 GeV Upgrade.
2005 JLab data revealed that the contribution of strange quarks to proton properties is small.

Free-Electron Laser earned R&D 100 Award.

2006 Upgraded Free-Electron Laser surpassed 10kW design to achieve 14.2 kW in the infrared.
2007 Cryogenics Group wins prestigious White House award for energy-saving advancements.
2009 Construction begins on the 12 GeV Upgrade.
2010 Construction begins on the Technology and Engineering Development Facility.
2013 Technology and Engineering Development Facility (TEDF) officially opens.
2014 CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade complete. Experimental halls to complete facility upgrades by 2017. Opportunistic physics taking place in halls during this time.


Links to local news sources

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  6. Cebaf Building Dedicated Today, October 20, 1989|By MATHEW PAUST, Staff Writer
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