Circulation Policy

What can be borrowed
All materials circulate except periodicals, reference materials, and microfiche. New books do not circulate for the first 30 days. Reserve materials may circulated from 14 to 28 days.

Who may borrow
Materials may circulate to JLab staff, and users. Faculty and students from colleges and universities conducting research at the Lab may through arrangements with their parent institution. The Laboratory's JList is the source for patron registration. Circulation privileges will be based upon user's term as indicated by JList. Special borrowing can be arranged by the librarian. A complete statement of Library policy may be found in the JLab Administrative Manual

Interlibrary Loan
The library is an active participant in the interlibrary loan program. If you require an item unavailable in our collection we may be able to obtain it from another library. Please fill out an interlibrary loan form. It generally takes 1 week to ten days to receive materials.

When You Order Books
Printed materials purchased with lab funds via requisition or credit card are called "Administrative titles" as indicated by the symbol ADM. These materials are routed to the library for processing and inclusion in the library online catalog. After processing, these materials are routed to the purchaser and kept for an infinite period. They are subject to recall /request for other JLab staff. These materials are returned to the library upon termination of employment. CAUTION: All books received in the mail room are routed through the library. Please do not have personal books shipped to your lab address.