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Building 12: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 911 and report fire.
    3. Evacuate occupants.
    4. Report to assembly point

    There are doors at the end of each wing. There are doors at the north and south end of the atrium. There are exit doors at both ends of the auditorium. There is a service door near the cafeteria, on the north side of wing A.

    CEBAF Center is sufficiently distant from other buildings that the spread of fire is not a threat.

    The furnaces are natural gas and are located in the basement. There is a fully equipped kitchen. There are no laboratories.

    Administrative Offices for about 120 people. An auditorium seats about 280. A dining area seats about fifty.

    CEBAF Center is a modern two story office building with three wings and a central atrium. It was built with steel girders, concrete floors, and insulated steel siding. The windows are tinted and non-movable. Air conditioners are on the roof. Three furnaces and a hot water heater are located in a small basement. Total floor area is 60,000 square feet. Office partitions are drywall and metal framing. Floors are carpe ted throughout. There is an elevator. There is one access to the roof. CEBAF Center was built in 1989 and cost about $5.5 million dollars.

    Fire Protection:
    CEBAF Center is sprinkled throughout. The computer center has an underfloor sprinkler in addition to the ceiling sprinklers. There are at least eight fire extinguishers in the passageways. Fire hydrants are located near the services entrance, at the en d of Wing A and at the end of Wing B. The kitchen ranges and griddle are protected by Karbaloy II wet chemical extinguishing system.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of CEBAF Center would be a major setback for the Jefferson Lab. Loss of the computer center, stored records and loss of office space for more than 100 employees.

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