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Building 28: Pre-Fire Plan

    • Make initial assessment of the situation.
    • If warranted call 9-911 and report fire.
    • Evacuate occupants.
    • Report to assembly point

    There are nine means of egress form the building, with at least one on each side. There is a roof access through the furnace room, a vertical steel ladder in room 86 leading to the roof.

    There is moderate exposure to Trailer City, Building 16.

    Flammable solvents (acetone, isopropyl alcohol) are in rooms 67 and 68. Compressed gas cylinders (nitrogen, ethane, helium, argon, isobutane) are in rooms 67 or 68. Cooling tower treatment chemicals for corrosion and algae control are in room 86. Photo developing chemicals are in room 19. The two furnaces use natural gas.

    Administrative offices, library, light laboratories, and medical service; about 64 people work in Support Service Center.

    Support Service Center is a one story brick building. The total area of all floors is 31,673 square feet. The building is divided into four wings connecting to a central lobby. The interior walls are constructed of concrete block and sheet rock. The exterior is concrete block with brick veneer. The floors are carpet convered in the offices and lobby and linoleum tile covered in the other spaces. The floor is concrete throughout the building.

    Fire Protection:

    1. There are two fire hydrants in the front of the building at the North end.
    2. There is a halon fixed system in rooms 71 and 71a.
    3. The central fire alarm panel is in the lobby behind the reception desk.
    4. Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building .
    5. There is a sprinkler system.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of the building would have serious impact on the laboratory in that financial, purchasing and civil construction management activities are homed here. The Support Service Center building is owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia and made available to SURA for CEBAF.

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