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Building 52a: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 911 and report fire.
    3. Evacuate occupants.
    4. Report to assembly point

    Building 52 has a single door on the west side, facing Hadron Drive. There us a vehicular door at the north end. This door is a metal sliding door kept locked by a padlock on the inside when the door is not in use. In an emergency, the building may be entered or exited by breaking glass windows. Building 52a has two doors facing the parking lot.

    The two buildings are at least 15 feet apart at their closest point. There are no other buildings nearby. There is an outdoor storage area to the north of building 52.

    Building 52 contains alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron sources which are used to calibrate radiological control instruments. All sources are makred and kept in secure storage. Personal dosimetry is required for entering the north half of building 52, and this area is clearly marked to indicate it contains radioactive material. A flammable storage locker is located near the vehicular door and contains spray paints and solvents.

    Building 52 is a couting lab at the south end and a calibration lab at the north end. Building 52 is normally occupied by one to four people. Building 52a contains four offices and is normally occupied by one to four people.

    Building 52 is contructed of concrete blocks. It has a flat, built-up roof. The floor is a conrete pad. Building 52a is a single-wide trailer with tile floor and panel walls.

    Fire Protection:
    Neither building has a sprinkler system. Building 52 has a fire alarm system with one pull station and two smoke detectors. There is one dry chemical fire extinguisher. There is a fire hydrant at the corner of Hadron Road and Cornell U Road, which services both buildings. Building 52a has a fire alarm system with two pull stations, one smoke detector, and two dry power fire extinguishers.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of building 52 would be a major setback for radiological capability at TJNAF. There is a replacement cost of about $250,000 worth of equipment in Building 52.

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