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Building 57: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 9-911 and report fire.
    3. Evacuate occupants.
    4. Report to assembly point

    Ther are four doors to the CTF. A rollup vehicular door and a pedestrian door at the east end, a double door on the south side and a single door on the west side.

    Serious exposure to liquid nitrogen tankers at the south east corner, and serious exposure to the east wall of the Test Lab.

    The CTF contains oils in containers and inside machinery. The refrigeration plants contain nitrogen and helium. There are large volumes of helium gas in nearby tanks, and liquified helium, which is extremely cold. Small quantities of flammable solvents may be present in squeeze bottles. Ear protection is required if equipment is running.

    The CTF is not normally occupied.

    The CTF is an all metal building resting on a concrete pad. It has two exhaust fans in the roof.

    Fire Protection:
    There are three, wall-mounted fire extinguishers. The nearest fire hydrant is at the corner of Hadron and Cornell U. Roads, near the stockroom.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of the CTF would seriously impact TJNAF's ability to coduct cavity, cryounit, and cryomodule testing at cryogenic temperatures in the Test Lab. Procurement of very expensive, commercially avialable 4 Kelvin helium is the alternative.

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