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Building 58: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 911 and report fire.
    3. Evacuate complex.
    4. Report to assembly point

    There are doors at the north/west/east and south ends of the Test Lab. There are doors at each end of the trailers. All of those doors are marked as exit points. There is also a marked path to exit points in the Test Lab.

    There is exposure to the EEL (Experimental Equipment Lab) building to the north.

    Acids and flammables in the Off-Line and Production Chemical rooms. Acids and flammables in the Acid Storage Building.

    Administrative offices, computers, terminals, copy machines, welding areas, cryogenics equipment, machine tools, chemical rooms, clean rooms, an electron beam welder, magnets and componenets, Nb cavities and components, a scanning electron microscope, hand tools, vacuum equipment, rigging equipment, electron labs, and accelerator components. About 100 people work in these areas.


    These are standard 24' X 60' trailers with wood framing, interior wood paneling, exterior wood siding, and sheet metal roofing. The underfloor area is protected by a sheet metal skirting which may be partially removed for access.

    Test Lab:
    Concrete, sheet metal, steel according to local code.

    Fire Protection:
    At present, the Test Lab is protected by smoke alarms and area sprinkler systems. The alarms are audio and sprinkler systems are AGAT sensitive.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of these buildings would have disastrous impact on fabrication and testing capability and create serious delays on the construction of CEBAF as a laboratory.

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