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Building 92: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 911 and report fire.
    3. Evacuate any occupants.
    4. Report to muster point.

    There are two doors on either side of building and a door in a separate, smaller room connected by an outside door.

    Building 92 is sufficiently distant from other buildings that the spread of fire is highly improbable.

    There are two air compressors and bottles of nitrogen gas present. There is a ph stabilizing chemical (pHree Guard 5110), cc300T Bromine tablets, and CorSTAT 20. Building 92 contains electrical equipment also. Mixed-bed resin bottles are present which can be an explosive hazard if allowed to dry out.

    Buildings 92 is not normally occupied.

    Building 92 has metal siding, a concrete floor, and a flat roof. There is a cooling tower immediatly to the east of building 92.

    Fire Protection:
    Automatic fire detection with smoke detectors, manual pull stations, and alarm bells. The fire alarm system is centrally annunciated at building 85 (MCC) and the gate house. There is an automatic, wet-pipe sprinkler system.

    Loss Potential:
    Loss of building 92 will completely disable all three experimental halls and the ESR (building 102) because of the inability to cool the low conductivity water (LCW) systems.

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