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Building 98: Pre-Fire Plan

    Response Action:

    1. Make initial assessment of the situation.
    2. If warranted call 911 and report fire or the nature of the emergency.
    3. Evacuate occupants.
    4. Report to muster point

    Cryo Side: The east and west sides each have one roll-up door and one pedestrian door. The south side has one roll-up door.
    BSY (Beam Switchyard) side: The north side has one roll-up door and two pedestrian doors.

    There is no building in close proximity.

    Outside: Flammable and nonflammable gas cylinders, dewars of cryogenis argon and nitrogen, and flammable solvents in drums are stored on the east side of the building.
    Cryo Side: There is one flammable storage locker, and it contains paints, solvents and oil. There is a machine shop and a welding shop with associated oxy-acetylene cylinders.
    BSY Side:: An air compressor generates noise levels up to 90 dB. Ear plugs are availble.

    Cryo Side: About twelve people normally work on this side.
    BSY Side: This side is normally unoccupied.

    Building 98 is constructed of steel plate, and it sits on a concrete pad. The cryo side and BSY side are separated by a steel, floor-to-ceiling wall. There is no connecting door.

    Fire Protection:
    Outside:The PI valve and two hose connections are at the east end of the building.
    Cryo Side:There is a sprinkler system. There is a fire alarm system with two pull stations and six smoke detectors. There are four dry chemical fire extinguishers.
    BSY Side:There is a sprinkler system. There is a fire alarm system with two pull stations. This side contains the fire alarm panel, a VESDA panel for the BSY tunnel, and the main sprinkler station for the entire building.

    Loss Potential:
    The loss of building 98 would be a serious setback for the readiness of the Central Helium Liquifier, the Cryogenics Test Facility, and the End Station Refrigerator because the technicians who build and maintain these facilites would loose their equipment and their working space. Loss of the BSY side would seriously affect the experimental program because of the loss of the electronic equipment located on this side.

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